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Physical/Chemical Recording
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Physical/Chemical Recording
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Biosurvey Cheat Sheet (322 kb) Color photo guide for more common macros with identification hints

ALLARM's adaptation of the EASI Biological Monitoring Protocol Biosurvey protocol explained. Includes color photo identification guide p.9-13. © Dickinson College (ALLARM)

Identification Guide to Freshwater Macroinvertebrates Guide for macros with identification hints © Stroud Water Research Center

Macroinvertebrate Gallery  Color photos by David H. Funk © Stroud Water Research Center

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Characteristics Chart © Missouri Stream Team

Pond and Stream Study Guide  Macroinvertebrate Identification Guide © PA Fish and Boat Commission ( )

ENA or ELPA Resource by Rich Wood © PA Fish and Boat Commission (metamorphasis of aquatic macroinvertebrates)

Mayflies © PA Fish and Boat Commission

Stoneflies © PA Fish and Boat Commission

Caddisflies © PA Fish and Boat Commission


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