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Physical/Chemical Recording
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Physical/Chemical Recording
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2011 Pennsylvania Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Field & Test Kit Manual updated by Nature Abounds containing the Water Quality Test Kit Manual (old) created by Hach. The manuals are available in separate documents. 

Cover (80 kb)

Table of Contents (114 kb) Complete list of topics and pages on which they appear.

Pages 1-20 (1205 kb) Introduction, Watershed Concept, PaSEC Water Quality Monitoring Program,Topographic Maps, Contact Resource List

Pages 21-35 (1250 kb) Chemical Analysis Background Information (Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Phosphate, Nitrate, Alkalinity, Sulfate)

Pages 36-76 (916 kb) Equipment Checklist, Test Kit Inventories, Site Selection, PA Watersheds, Hydrologic Unit Codes, Weather & Wildlife Observing, Safety Checklist, Emergency Protocol, Unusual Reading Protocol, Chemical Waste Disposal, Care and Cleaning of Test Kits, Macro Collection Procedure, Equipment List, Macro ID Charts, Habitat Assessment, - Rocky Bottom & Muddy Bottom

Appendix A - Forms Part 1 (524 kb) Water Quality Monitoring Authorization, Equipment Maintenance Needs Form, Site Map Master Form, Site Description Form, Field Data Sheets, Macro ID Charts, Macro Data Sheets, WQ Rating Sheet

Appendix A - Forms Part 2 (1610 kb) Rocky Bottom Data Sheets

Appendix A - Forms Part 3 (1650 kb) Muddy Bottom Data Sheets

Appendix B Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (44 kb) Nitrates, Sulfates, Alkalinity, Phosphates, Dissolved Oxygen

Appendix C Hach Visual Kit Instructions Pages 2-61 (636 kb) Safety & Disposal Considerations, MSDS for Hach Tests, Alkalinity Test, Dissolved Oxygen Test, Nitrate Test, Total Phosphate Test, Sulfate Test, Pocket Pal Conductivity Tester, & pH Tester

Appendix D - Extras (55 kb) Watch the Wild Site Description Forms & Observation Form, Wildlife Observation Form, WTW On-line Resource List, IceWatch USA Site Description Form & Observation Form

Appendix E  - AMD Volunteer Monitoring (847 kb) Abandoned Mine Drainage Treatment System/Receiving Streams Monitoring Project Menthods


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