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CCPaSEC uses several YSI Model 550A Dissolved Oxygen meters in monthly water testing.  The video below describes the care and use of a Model 550A YSI DO meter.  Runtime: 34 min. 7 sec.  Video features Dan DeLotto © CCPaSEC & Loretta Jeffreys. 2011-2016

Topics to be covered*:

  1. Adjusting the Strap (at 1:47 min.)
  2. Attaching the Probe Holder (at 4:39 min.)
  3. Installing the Batteries (at 9:42 min.)
  4. Preparing the Probe (at 12:09 min.)
  5. Calibrating the Meter (at 19:51 min.)
  6. Testing the Water (at 28:08 min.)
  7. Protecting the Meter (at 30:57 min.)

Controling the video:

videostartarrow  Click center arrow of video to begin.  Buffering of video may take several minutes prior to video starting.

bleftvideocontrols Task bar below video (left):

  • *Slider Dot / Timeline -
    • Move mouse pointer over horizontal line to the right of the Slider Dot to view min:sec of video frame time.  Click on the line to begin the video at that time point.  OR
    • Click and drag dot to fast forward or rewind video to desired video frame.
  • Left-side Start/Pause control - Click to start or pause video.
  • Volume Control adjustment - Click to mute or for full volume. Click and drag slider for fine tuning.
  • Video frame time / total runtime.

brightvideocontrols Task bar below video (right):

  • Quality Settings
  • Right Viewing Size adjustment - Click to view full screen.  ESC will exit full-screen viewing.


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