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In April 2009, CCPaSEC began a partnership with Lock Haven University's (LHU) Geology Department, the Centre County Conservation District, and the Beech Creek Watershed Association to provide chemical data and stream samples for analyses of additional chemical parameters by the LHU Geology Lab. The data is available on this website using the links on the Marcellus site web pages and through the link below: 

LHU Data for all CCPaSEC Beech Creek Watershed Marcellus Monitoring Sites

Posters summarizing the data collected have been created each year by Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman of Lock Haven University and his students with the help of Dr. John Way (in 2010-2011).

View the 2015-2016 poster.  ©2016 Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman (8.4 MB pdf)

View the 2014-2015 poster.  ©2015 Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman (5.6 MB pdf)

View the 2013-2014 poster.  ©2014 Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman (8.3 MB pdf)

View the 2010-2011 poster.  ©2011 Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman (14.3 MB pdf)

The Centre County Conservation District, Trout Unlimited and the CCPaSEC conducted a project: Surface Water Assessments in Centre County Pennsylvania: the Beech Creek Watershed from April 27, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The project was part of the above mentioned monitoring program. During the grant period, two CCPaSEC teams monitored nine sites on a monthly basis in the Beech Creek Watershed, a combined monthly travel distance of approximately 160 miles (Sites 1-9 below). The sites were located on the following streams: Council Run, Unnamed tributary to Council Run, Hayes Run, Monument Run, Beech Creek, Little Sandy Run, Wolfe Run (2 sites) and Panther Run. The sites were chosen because of their proximity to Marcellus Shale drilling operations. The goal was two fold: to establish baseline water quality data prior to extensive drilling and to note any adverse changes to the landscape that may lead to impairment of water quality. Team members took the following field measurements: pH, DO, temperature, conductivity, salinity and flow. Each month they collected water samples that the District transported to Dr. Md. Khalequzzaman at LHU. Dr. Khalequzzaman and his graduate students analyzed the samples and provided detailed reports to CCPaSEC and the District. The Healthy Waters funding enabled CCPaSEC to send water samples three times during the grant period to the DEP laboratory for analysis in Harrisburg. In addition, the financial support allowed the District to contract with Trout Unlimited's biologist, Dr. Shawn Rummel, to conduct macroinvertebrate inventories and to complete habitat assessments at each site. These assessments and inventories, coupled with the chemical analyses, constitute the framework for our future conservation endeavors.

View the report: Surface Water Assessments in Centre County Pennsylvania: the Beech Creek Watershed.  ©2013 Dr. Shawn Rummel, Ann Donovan, CCPaSEC's Ken Johnson & Dan Delotto (1.5 MB pdf)


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