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CCPaSEC has produced several videos intended to give viewers an opportunity to see what our stream monitoring entails as well as training videos which are intended as training tools for our members.  CCPaSEC teams use Hach test kits, Oakton PCSTestr35 5-Function Meters,   Hach DR850 Colorimeters, YSI Model 550a Dissolved Oxygen Meters, and Hanna Model HI 9146 DO Meters in monthly water testing.  The videos describe how we measure dissolved oxygen, nitrates, sulfates, and phosphates as well as how we conduct our macroinvertebrate surveys.

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How Colorimeter WorksHow a Colorimeter Works

YSI DO Meter UseYSI DO Meter Care & Use


DO with ColorimeterMeasuring DO Using Colorimeter

Chemical Testing VideoHach Kit Chemical Testing


Tips & Nitrates with ColorimeterTips & Measuring Nitrates Using Colorimeter

Macro Survey VideoMacro Survey


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Hot Training Tips

Below are documents intended to add additional tips to help with the care, use and maintenance of monitoring equipment. Click on the title to download the document.

Stream Flow Guide - NEWLY REVISED 2018! (1,658 kb) A "How to" guide on measuring flow with the FloWatch Flowmeter.

CCPASEC Training and Experience Tracker with Directions (119 kb)

A New Approach to PASEC Training (489 kb)

Equipment Precautions and Maintenance (539 kb)

pH Measurement Tips (326 kb)

Oakton and YSI meters and Training Procedures (489 kb)

Oakton / Colorimeter / Flowmeter Tips (12 kb)

New Procedures for the Colorimeter (588 kb)

Fine Points for Colorimeter Use (492 kb)


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